My BITCHIN’ Birthday!!!

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16 April 2011

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Hey Sluts!

So, this past Thursday was the kick off to my birthday weekend at Blue Moon Nights! I want to thank everyone for coming out and partying with me! I had a blast! If you didn’t make it dont worry, part 2 is tomorrow night at Vintage Industrial Strip Club in Sun Valley, CA! Come out and have fun with me, and celebrate my birthday!


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31 March 2011

Video Update, Dirty Phone sex. Click on photos or to see click here.


Hey sluts!

Sorry haven’t blogged much since last time but I have been on the fucking go! My ass is going all over! Yesterday, I landed in NY and went straight to Jersey to shoot for Ultimate TGirl Productions! While I was there I got a chance to see myself on the cover of Tranny Poppers #2 and shot two scenes with them which I will be on the cover of.  I have been having a fun and even one shoot they changed my look, which was scary for me but it turned out hot! I can’t wait for you all to see it! I have been working with an amazing director Jon Sable, who is lovely to work with. While here, I got my first FleshLight as a gift and I can not tell you how much I love it! It fucking rocks!!!

Now, I am back in Manhattan where I am staying at the Hilton in Time Square. It is fucking cold here but not as cold as Chicago was. I am going to post pics below for you guys to see! I even have ghoosebumps from the cold! I am just sitting here to get ready to see one of my favorite clients. He is a young rapper that I have seen before, a lot of you have heard of his music but I can’t reveal who he is or his band but I can say that I love him!!!

Tonight, I will be meeting up with one of my favorite girls Sexxxy Jade, who just flew into town. We are going to be  heading to Secret Lounge tonight for Sunny Dee-Light’s party. Tomorrow night I will be at Fusion in Hells Kitchen for Allanah Starr’s Party! I wanna give a shout out to all my New York hoes!!! I can’t wait to party and see you all in the next few nights!!!

I am excited about the Cubbies opening game, but sad I wont be in Chicago to see it.  I am going to try to go Sunday to the second game of the year!!! I am a huge Cubs fan! I will be back in Chicago Saturday night and be there all week getting tattoo work done and shooting hot new shit for my site. You can go over to the lovely Jasmine Jewels Blog to see exclusive pics of me! She is an amazing photographer and I love working with her! I will be back in LA April 10 and will be heading to Vintage Industrial Strip Club to dance! So come check me out! I can’t wait to see all my LA Peeps!!! I am ready for the warm weather!!! I hear its great there now!

SHOUT OUT…. To my Country Fried Kitten, Domino Presley for her new website and dvd out! She will be having a release party tonight in North Hollywood at Blue Moon Nights. I am sad I won’t be there but you all need to check out her site! It is amazing!!! That’s my baby, rocking it out with her cock out for you all!!!

I plan on heading across the street later on to check out the Peep Show and possibly get work!!! Love all you fuckers! Thanks for being the best sluts in the world!!! Oh, and I am sorry I have not been camming on IMLive but I will be back on real soon! Right now you can see recorded sessions for a real low price till first! So go check out!!!



Photos from my room in Manhattan… those bitches below look cold! See my new toy and goosebumps from the fucking cold!


Cruising around with my Girls


Hey Sluts….

I am out with my girls from O-Town today… Mallory and Annie, my O-Town Crew.  We are smoking weed in the country like we do. Having a great time, seeing all my favorite people while in Chicago. Been driving all over the past few days, and taking in the cold weather. I am enjoying my time and its always great to see my friends and family!

If you are in Chicago area my girls and I are going to be at Howie’s today in Oswego. The address is 4571 RT. 71, Oswego, IL.

On other news I got my taint pierced last night, it looks so fucking hot! It makes me so horny at the thought of it. So I wanted to make you horny too by checking it out. Below are pics of my girls and myself, along with a pic of my new pierced taint!

BURRRRR its Fucking Cold in Chicago

Wow, I forgot how cold it is in Chicago. I guess I have become a California girl! LOL! I complain when it’s cold in LA and I guess I should stop! It is nothing like good ‘ole Chicago. I really can’t complain much, I love being back home. This is my second full day! I have got to spend time with my Grandpa and Daddy while here.

I am tattooing at my dad’s tattoo shop while I am here and plan on getting some of my tattoos finished! Also, I plan on shooting for my site with Jasmine while here too! Lots of hot things are going on and I cant stand it! LOL! Once again plan on rocking it, with my cock out! I love making things happen for all my fans!

Here is another update from my site:

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Im Back! To Blogging that is…

23 March 2011

Latest update above! Click on photos or here for more!

Well, Hello hunnies…. I am back on here! I have been terribly busy with shooting and life that I have not had the opportunity to get online and update my blog. Well, that is all about to change and I promise to be a lot better with giving my fans what they want! New things are happening for me as we speak! I just celebrated my one year anniversary of my site and I cant thank you all enough for coming here and being a part of my journy in the porn world and on A lot of you have been sending me emails and posting messages on my Facebook page! You all make me fell like the luckiest girl alive!

My journey to get where I am today has been a dream come true and I cant wait to keep rocking it with my cock out for you all! This past year I was nominated for an AVN, Xbiz and Tranny Awards. Of course I won the Tranny Award for Best DVD for Morgan Bailey’s Bad Day! I was so honored that all my fans voted for it! And for my great friend Buddy Wood for helping me with that amazing DVD! I hope to make this year even better and maybe take home that AVN or Xbiz Award!

I have a PR team behind me this year! Which will make all my updates for my fans a little easier. You can follow them on Twitter to know all thats going on and you can check out their site along with here for all my updates! I’ve already had appearances on Sister Dick Radio and Dr. Suzy Radio show. So many more things are yet to cum for 2011!

Love you all! And once again THANK YOU!!! You can send fan emails to and I will be setting up a mailing address for you all to send fan mail and presents! I know a lot of you have been asking. Follow my PR Twitter Team because they will be giving away autographed stuff of me too!!


Chicago this week and East Coast Next! I will update with more in next few days!

2:00pm on a wednesday

Hi fan, I’m blogging today not only because it’s long over do but I also have something to come clean about.

For the past few months I’ve been loosing site of my original direction and goals. Always being aware of every last detail is sometimes my biggest downfall but also the very thing that has helped me be successful.

I’ve been ‘dating’ and becoming emotionaly involved with two men (seperately) this is what has distracted me from being the best performer I can be and also stiffled my creative outpoor. AHHHHHHHH it’s so frustrates me… but NOW today I have turned it. This was clear today in every sense of the word but also I’ve known it all along.

It’s not love I’m looking for IT’S security and that’s something I need to provide. I work hard when I work and do it with a distinctive unmatched style. So what now?

I’m booking a ticket to sweet home Chicago, I need to remove myself and refresh. L.A. is my new home and I love it but sometimes we all need a little break from the indulgent lifestyle that is Los Angeles and the magnificent crew of fairytale characters I hang out with.

My advantage at this point is experince, in life and business. My looks aren’t hurting me ( 🙂 ) and my personality sells.  Soooo look out, I’m bad and ready to tear things up!

I won’t say anything more at this point about future plans, as I’m not sure what will happen tomorrow 🙂 BUTT I know with a smile on my face and a swagger in my step I’ll rise like the the mother fucking phoenix!

blog ya later




There is a God!

Friday night was just like any other, Olivia and I put on our cutest dresses and headed out for a night on the town. After jumping from one club to the next we ended up at an after hours party, it happened to be the same house party we both attended new years eve. We continued to drink and dance the night away. When the party died down I found myself curled up on a couch with this handsome young man and we crashed.

I was woken up by him stirring around and now the sun was up his i-phone alarm started to go off and we both yawned and stretched. It was a little chilly in the house and I noticed every once in awhile he would shiver a little. We continued to mess around a little then he mentioned we should hit up the hot tub before he left for work and while everyone else was still asleep, I couldn’t agree more at this point.

Naked and cold we stepped in and before anything worth mentioning happened my companion went into a full epileptic seizure in the hot tub. He went under the water immediately and I retched down under his arms and pulled him up. He was flopping everywhere and were both still in this hot tub soaking wet and naked VERY SLIPPERY I couldn’t hold him and he slipped back under water but this time he was not seizing anymore he was still and blue and had blood coming from his face. I reacted as quickly as I could and struggled to get this boy out of the hot tub. I finally was able to push him out of the water and that’s when he started to seizure again but not for very long he was flailing around in a result split his head open in many places. Now I’m out of the water holding this bleeding wet man and he stopped seizing again but now he was purple and blue and his eyes wide open and turning pink and red…..he wasn’t breathing anymore. I screamed for help and kept screaming no one came, I was trying to get the water out of his lungs and kept calling his name out “no you cant be dead you cant do this to me  no no no no” screaming and holding his lifeless wet body. Then suddenly he made a gurgling noise and I kept talking to him. Slowly and very slowly he started to come around but had no idea about anything that had happened or who he or I was. I had grabbed a towel that was at arms length and tried to control as much of the bleeding as possible. Finally I was able to get him up and back into the house.  

I have to stop telling the story for now as it starts to involve places and people that don’t need mentioning. However I’ll close on this.

This was hands down the most traumatic and awful thing that has ever happened to me and to say that it will leave a lasting impression on me is an understatement, when I close my eyes thru out my day its the picture of this man underwater and blue that I see. I hope that no one ever has to experience this who might be reading today. I’m forever a changed girl now and probably wont be doing allot of swimming this year. Please if you are epileptic let people know around you, this is not something to be embarrassed about and it could help save your life.

The reason this individual had a seizure was because of lake of sleep and he had not taken his meds in two days. After finding all this out I would love nothing more than to slap the shit out of this guy for being so stupid and putting me thru this. However I’m just glad he’s alive and well.

Back in Cali finally!

30 March 2010

🙂 its good to be home

I’ll be shooting again in just a few weeks and want to do a scene with a fan! If  you think you got what it takes and live in the L.A. area email a short bio with a pic and tell me why you want to do a scene with me!

Getting tattooed in chicago

22 March 2010

I’ve been in the chi since st. patty’s day and have got to spend alot of time with the fam. I’ve got a few new little additions to my wrist tattoos and got a good session in on my foot. Before returning to cali I’m crossing my fingers and will hopefully get my arm worked on(it’s been two years) and I’ll finally finish my fish on my left butt cheek. lol sounds like alot.

I’m pretty excited to get back to cali, I miss the warm sun. I have to ad that nyc and chicago haven’t been so bad weather wise. I’ve decided that I’ll be spending most of June and July between toronto nyc and chicago, if there are any east coast cities that you’d like to see me stopping in at let me know!

All my love


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